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SpellO is a handy program that can be used to find typos and spelling mistakes in any website. It uses two other open source products:

NCrawler: - A well-designed flexible web site crawler. Ncrawler supports crawling and extracting multiple file types.

NHunspell: - An open source Spell checker program that is used by google and mozilla browser. Nhunspell supports multiple languages.


Figure 1: Main Window


Figure 2: Settings


Figure 3: Log file

  • Written in C#
  • Requires Microsoft.Net 4.0, the setup program has a bootstrapper to install it.
  • Run as a windows form or command line.
  • Currently supports English (US and UK), French, German and Spanish (Spain and Mexico) dictionaries. More dictionaries can be downloaded from
  • Html based log file.

To run SpellO just run spello.exe from the installation folder.

Command Line

To run SpellO as command line supply the site id as argument (e.g. spello "My Email Signature").

  • Only supports spell checking of html files.

Future Enhancement Plans
  • Support pdf and other file formats.
  • Add more dictionaries.
  • Automatically sense the language of the website and do spell check accordingly.

Provided by OfficeClip and other developers on this forum:

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